Ornamental Palm Trees

Custom Built, Life Size Palm Trees Built to Order

Designer Palm Trees
Ornamental Palm Trees can be used to accent pool areas and provide lighting.

Solar Innovations, Inc. now offers a line of ornamental palm trees.  These trees provide any home or business with a tropical feel, regardless of location.  Steel palm trees are a care free alternative to real palms without the hassle of overgrowth. Different trunk shapes, sizes, and frond options are available to create the perfect palm tree for your property.

Many options are available; single trees can be purchased or groupings of trees can be added for use in larger areas.  Ornamental steel palm trees can be placed anywhere. They make the perfect addition to a swimming pool deck or outdoor kitchen.  Our steel palms are the perfect complement to an outdoor bar, adding a unique flare for those who love to entertain. Ornamental steel cactus are also available in varying sizes

Solar Innovations Designer Palm TreeDesigner Palm Tree in Conference Room
The Designer Palms pictured above are located in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s conference room.

The trees can offset a home’s front door or be used as an accent piece in your backyard garden. In commercial settings, the trees can be placed in parking lots, business entrances, and even conference rooms, as the palm trees are constructed for indoor and outdoor use.

The trees are constructed from galvanized or stainless steel. If the galvanized steel trees are left outside for an extended period of time, they begin to weather and create an even more natural look.  Decorative planters are available in either concrete or aluminum materials, this aluminum option is only recommended for interior use.  An outdoor concrete planter is used to weigh the trees down and prevent possible wind damage. This option creates the natural appearance of a potted palm. Indoor applications can also benefit from the use of a planter box; when a planter is not used the trees must be bolted to a concrete pad.

Residential Design Palm Tree Desert ApplicationCommercial Steel Palm Tree ApplicationPool Side Designer Palm Trees
Designer Steel Cactus and Tumble WeedDesigner Steel Cactus
In addition to palm trees ornamental cacti are also available.

Eight different trunk styles, with distinct curve patterns, are available.  Frond sizes are paired with the tree, depending upon trunk size. Your palm trees can also be used as a source of light; lighting is concealed in the tree’s attractive coconut shells.  All components are suited for outdoor use, making perfect additions to your deck.  Decorative monkeys can also be hung from the fronds.

Trunk Styles

Tree Trunk Styles
1. Straight6′ – 14′
2. Leaning7′ – 14′
3. Top windswept8′ – 14′
4. Middle windswept8′ – 14′
5. Bottom windswept8′ – 14′
6. Double curve 4′8′ – 14′
7. Double curve 6′12′ – 14′
8. Crazy 6′ – 14′
Budgetary pricing only.  Prices are based on availability and geographic location.

To discuss an ornamental palm tree project and pricing with a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative, please feel free to call 800-618-0669 or e-mail: skylight@solarinnovations.com for more information on designer palm trees.

Commercial Designer Palm TreeResidential Palm Tree With Table
Grouping of three concrete bolted palms.Ornamental palm with concrete bar table.
Made in Andover, KS, USA. - U.S. Patent No. 6596353

Request Ornamental Palm Tree Information

  •   Concrete Table with 8 ft Crazy trunk style
      Coconut Lights - transformer required
      Coconut Speakers – hookup to existing soundsystem required
      Decorative Monkey
      Ornamental Cactus

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