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Decorative Palladian Arches are an adornment that can be added to the gable side of any glass structure. Palladian Arches pediments are very popular in the United States and worldwide. The gable pediment is part of classic architecture which has been in existence since ancient Rome. Roman temples boasted decorative pediments that featured sculptures of the gods, animals, and government rulers. The pediment was often supported by symmetrical columns, creating a structure’s architectural appeal.

Class English greenhouses and decorative greenhouses use gable pediments. This is a symbol of traditional architecture, and various designs are available. Featured below are Solar Innovations, Inc. most commonly used designs. Custom designs are always welcomed.

The grid work can be created out of muntins or simulated divided lights (SDL’s). The muntins are more economical and are placed in between the two panes of glass, within the air space. SDL’s, on the other hand, are featured on the exterior of the panes of glass; you can physically touch these grids with your hands. A black or silver grid is placed in between the glass, which follows the exterior grids’ designs.

For information on incorporating a decorative gable pediment into your structure, please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative.

Decorative Rake DetailAnother decorative gable end option uses our corner pieces as supports for an entrance dormer above the door.

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