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Solar Innovations, Inc. offers an array of decorative trims to enhance any of our structures. Trims are an excellent way to add architectural appeal to a structure. The trim work can take a plain sunroom and transform it into a conservatory that looks like it belongs in an English garden. All trim profiles are based off  wooden trims and designed to look like wood. There are also modern-looking trims available, which resemble a clean, contemporary straight line building. Solar Innovations® offers over 300 different profiles to ensure each customer’s design requirements are met. Any desired look can be achieved regardless of style.

All trim is constructed out of durable aluminum. Traditional wooden trim is not suitable for conservatories where plants are grown and definitely not for greenhouses. The high moisture and humidity will greatly accelerate the deterioration of the trim. In time the trim will rot, warp, chip, and require a new coat of paint. Aluminum trim will not warp, rot, rust; or require finish maintenance. A conservatory and greenhouse can use the aluminum trim without any worry about moisture.

There are five standard paint finishes available along with any custom color your job may require. All trims are suitable for interior and exterior use. The trims can be attached to the interior rafters of the walls and roof.  Rake molding can be added to the eave of the room which mimics crown molding. The finished floor line can accept trim, as do window and door framing. Numerous other applications are also available for trim. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers trim that corresponds with window grids. A complete look can be achieved through trim through Solar Innovations, Inc. To discuss your future project please contact a Solar Innovations sales representative.

Capping Options

5/8″ Bull Nose Sill
& Plate Extension
2″ Bull Nose Sill
& Plate Extension
Beveled Nose Sill
& Plate Extension
Small Fluted CapLarge Fluted CapGlazing Pressure Plate
Double Ogee Frame
(interior or exterior)
Gable Rake
Crown Molding
Flat Pressure Cap


Ogee, Crown


Bull Nose

Future Capping Options

Extended Ogee Vertical

Extended Ogee Horizontal

Radius Vertical

Radius Horizontal

Perimeter Grid

Square Rail

Ogee Vertical

Ogee Horizontal

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