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Aluminum Extruded Gutters

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s gutters are intended to add an aesthetically appealing, functional element to each structure.  Our aluminum extruded gutters can be incorporated into new construction or added to existing structures to ensure proper water drainage.  Solar Innovations’® gutters are available in several different styles and finishes, including copper, to meet each architectural desire. Eliminating the water improves views and allows operable units to be used during rain storms. Downspouts are also available in three standard shapes with matching elbows to compliment each of our gutter options: Standard, Round, and Fluted Round.

Solar Innovations, Inc. specializes in restoration projects and has developed custom cast gutter to match the existing historic appeal profiles. , the Restoration Gutter and Gutter Splice is perfect for an existing structure, and ideally suited to match the Solar Innovations, Inc. restoration series. It can be utilized to achieve the correct architectural time period, and enhance the beauty of the past. Both the Restoration Gutter and Restoration Gutter Splice can be utilized as standalone systems or in conjunction with one another, depending on the application.

Copper gutters are available in half round (5 1/4″) or K (5″ or 6″ wide).


Restoration GutterExtruded Gutter Splice

Anatomy of a Gutter System:

Gutter:  Piping which runs along the eave of the structure. Water runs off roof and into piping.

Elbow:  Turned piping which carries water. Used on the corner of a building.

Leader Head:  Decorative catch basin which connects gutter to down spouting. Also known as a hopper.

Downspout:  Piping extending from leader head. Runs vertically along building and carries water by force of gravity.

Downspout Brackets: Fasteners which hold the downspouting against the building and prevent it from blowing away in wind or storms. Also known as leader straps.

Decorative base Pillar: Outer casing on downspouting. Used purely for aesthetics.


Decorative Gutter AssemblyBox Gutter AssemblyRestoration Gutter Assembly
Decorative GutterBox GutterRestoration Gutter
Decorative Gutter End CapBox Gutter End CapRestoration Gutter End Cap
Roll Formed 2″x 3″ Rounded Dropout * Roll Formed 2″ x 3″ Standard Dropout * Roll Formed 2″x 3″ Rounded Dropout *
2.5 ” Round ExtrudedDownspout (Smooth) * Standard 2.5″ Elbow Dropout*2.5 ” Round ExtrudedDownspout (Smooth) *
3″ Round Extruded Downspout(Smooth) *3″ Round Extruded Downspout(Smooth) *
 Standard 2.5″ Elbow Dropout*  Standard 2.5″ Elbow Dropout*
* Available in Copper

Additional Options

 Squar Dropout Gutter
Aluminum Half Round
Roll Formed Gutter *
Optional Square Dropout Gutter


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