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Finials are an old form of detailing found in many architectural designs. Ornate headboards and railings often have finials, drapes and chandelier can have finials, garden finials are very popular in outdoor décor.

Many homes in the United States still use finials today. Antique and modern finials are constructed out of brass, wood, and wrought iron. Classic or traditionally styled homes use finials on the home’s exterior and interior. Finials produced by Solar Innovations, Inc. are constructed out of cast aluminum or copper, and are utilized on outdoor structures, including conservatories, greenhouses, pool enclosures, and sunrooms. An addition of a finial is an affordable way to add charm to any structure.

There are varying styles and heights of finials avilable through Solar Innovations, Inc. Copper finials are stocked in three standard models, a fleur-de-lis and the 15 1/2 inch ball and spire. In cast aluminum, there are seven fleurs-de-lis available along with six ball and spire combinations. The ball and spire combinations can be matched in different pairs to create a custom finial unique to your specific project. Another great aspect of the ball and spires is the ability to act as a lightning rod. This is done by threading the finial and then connecting to the ground wire.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is a subject often misunderstood in the construction industry. It requires a subjective decision based on an examination of the relative critical nature of the structure’s location and its contents. Architects and engineers take site specific lightning flash density into consideration  to determine the required lightning protection.

A Solar Innovations, Inc. structure can be designed to include a professionally designed lightning protection system by a third party lightning protection engineer with required two paths to ground and main size lightning conductors.

Solar Innovations, Inc.  recommends a full lightning protection system for all structures. To do this, customers should bond the metal structure to it’s own earth-ground or tie it directly to an existing building’s grounding system.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can also integrate lightning protection and electrical bonding into various decorative accessories, such as finials and ridge cresting.
Connection components and main size grounding conductors as part of the system quote and package upon request.

Aluminum or copper can be used for grounding systems. Copper is normally considered the better choice for electrical grounding, because it is a better conductor than aluminum.Tthis allows for the use of a smaller cable, however, when installed in  an aluminum structure, there are concerns with dissimilar metal properties. This can be avoided by using  aluminum components within the Solar Innovations, Inc. system and then converting with the appropriate isolation component outside of the structure to copper and terminating it at a ground rod location.

Lightning Rods:

Eave Wiring Detail

Sill Wiring Detail

Ridge Wiring Detail

Lightning protection can be utilized in an aluminum or wood system. Solar Innovations, Inc. does not provide the ground wire. Most finials, with at least a minimum thickness of 3/16″, can be used as a lightning rod.

Suggested Configurations of Lighting Rods:

25 1/2″ Double Ball
and Spire

251/2″ height
27″ Ball and Spire
27″ height
21″ Ball and Spire
21″ height
20 1/4″ Double Ball
and Spire

20 1/4″ height
15 1/2″ Ball and Spire
15 1/2″ height
16″ Ball and Spire
16″ height

King Posts

King posts are also utilized in decorative structures and are used to adorn the bottom of the structure and hub on hip and polygonal structures. King posts, like all Solar Innovations, Inc. decorative elements, can be customized to meet each customers needs and incorporate the architectural features of the structure. King posts utilize items extremely similar to the exterior of the structure to blend the aesthetic feel to the interior of the structure.

King PostKing Post

All finials are available in five standard painted finishes. Any custom color can be created to meet your specific job requirements. The finials can be added to new construction or retrofitted onto an existing structure. Custom shapes can be created if your project requires an alternate finial design.

Decorative Finials

7″ Fleur-De-Lys

7″ height
3 1/4″ width

9 1/4″ Fleur-De-Lys
9 1/4″ height
5 5/8″ width

6 5/8″ Fleur-De-Lys

6 5/8″ height
3 7/8″ width

7 1/2″ Fleur-De-Lys

7 1/2″ height
3 3/4″ width

7″ Fleur-De-Lys with Curve

7″ height
3 3/4″ width

10 3/4″ Spire

10 3/4″ height

8 1/2″ Fleur-De-Lys

8 1/2 ” height
3 3/4 ” width

6 1/2″ Base Plate

6 1/2 “diameter

6 1/2″ Ball Finial

7″ diameter

Bell Cap

4 ” height
4 1/4″ width

Decorative king posts are common elements to adorn the bottom of hubs

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