How to Buy: Installation Services

How to Buy Installation Services: When selecting Solar Innovations, Inc. products and installation methods, please consider the following selections. 

1. Solar Innovations, Inc. Installation:

Installation of Solar Innovations, Inc. ProductsA Solar Innovations, Inc. factory direct installation can be selected if the job is within a 6-hour radius.  In this scenario, the customer will purchase directly from Solar. A factory direct install team will be scheduled to conduct the installation at the job site upon completion and preparation of the shipment.  A customer can rest assured that an experienced crew is installing their product; the factory direct crews are dedicated to the installation and service of our products and have completed thousands of installations across the Northeast.

At times a customer may have a job that requires very custom design and project specific installation.  In these cases a Solar Innovations®’ factory direct installation team assists in the construction of your project, even if you purchased the project through a dealer.  Solar is registered in 22 states and can complete installation and service work upon request or when required by product difficulty level.

2. On-Site Supervisor:

A customer sometimes has a job they desire to be installed by their own general contractor or glazier, but that party would like some initial direction on the project or assistance. Solar can provide an on-site supervisor at a per diem rate to help you get your installation started or to oversee the entire project. Please contact your SI representative to further discuss your situation if you think this is an appropriate option for you.

3. Customer Selected Installation Team/ No Installation/Product Only:

Solar Innovations, Inc. has a network of nationwide dealers who have worked with our product in the past and are familiar with the glazing industry.  All quotes will be supplied to you by the dealer who will act as purchaser and installer.

At times a customer will have their own general contractor complete the installation of our product.  In this situation, we recommend that the glazier or GC be familiar with our industry and thoroughly review the product installation guide ahead of time. It is possible to buy directly from Solar Innovations® as long as the customer has a way of installing the product.

Commercial projects will typically go through a commercial glazier.  This is a company that deals solely with glass products similar, and related, to those that Solar produces.  The project will be quoted through the commercial glazier and installed by them as well.

4. Installation Referral:

Solar Innovations, Inc. also has affiliations with other installers.  A project may be purchased directly through Solar Innovations, Inc. and a list of installation teams can be provided to a customer for review.  Although Solar never recommends an installation team, we can provide known options to a customer for independent evaluation and hire. The end goal of all installations is to provide the best service and highest quality install at the most economical cost.

How to Buy: Installation Services

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