Residential Conservatories

Elegance and Function with Exquisite Detail

A residential conservatory can be added to your home for both living space and incorporate space to grow plants. The structure can act as a conservatory sunroom where you can comfortably enjoy the changing seasons and watch your plants bloom throughout the year.

The materials used to construct a Solar Innovations, Inc. conservatory are top of the line. Solar uses thermally broken aluminum framework, which greatly aides in insulating the conservatory. There are eight standard finishes for the aluminum extrusions, and custom colors are available. Tradition holds that the structure will be constructed of aluminum, and any industry available glazing can be utilized in the conservatory’s design. Popular choices include LowE glazing, which helps control sunlight and prevents UV rays from entering the room. By reducing these rays, the amount of fading furniture and window treatments sustain is minimal. There are different ranges of LowE glazing that range from clear to tinted-laminated, which eliminates almost all UV penetration. Decorative glass options are also available, including stained, leaded, or etched glass.

Residential Conservatories Fox
Residential Conservatory Fox

Conservatories by Solar Innovations, Inc. are not limited to all-aluminum designs; wood conservatories are also available. Numerous wood species are offered, including solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar or laminates of Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Northern White Pine (straight eave applications only). Redwood and Cherry can also be integrated into your glass structure. The conservatory is virtually maintenance-free, aluminum exterior protects the delicate wood interior system from environmental extremes. LowE glass, mentioned previously, will help eliminate fading to the wood interior.

Another selection to prevent fading and control the buildup of heat would be the addition of conservatory roof blinds. Various colors and density options are available for the blinds, which provide shade for people and plants during extreme sunlight.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers the most complete line of extruded aluminum decorative elements in the industry. Your structure can look like an Edwardian conservatory with the addition of decorative pieces or can feature a contemporary design with straight edges and clean lines. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a full line of decorative elements, such as moldings, gutters, ridge cresting, and finials. The gridwork on the windows can be customized to any shape, pattern, or color desired. Copper, Stainless Steel, and lead coated copper cladding are also available for interior and exterior use with conservatories.

If you have a specific design in mind for your conservatory, Solar Innovations, Inc. will work with you or your architect/contractor to achieve desired results. Each structure is completely custom built to meet your specifications. A Solar Innovations, Inc. conservatory can be engineered to meet snow loading and/or most hurricane requirements. If you have an existing conservatory in need of repair, Solar can be of assistance; conservatory installation, repair, and restoration are all services provided by our highly qualified installation teams. Building your own conservatory is possible with Solar Innovations, Inc. We can supply you with the materials needed and you can provide your own installation. Whatever design you have in mind and method of installation, Solar can help you achieve the conservatory of your dreams.

Please Note: Solar Innovations, Inc. only recommends using wood for exterior purposes if there is an overhang to provide protection or if the product will be used for interior applications. Also, Solar Innovations, Inc. does not recommend the use of wood on the exterior of doors for durability purposes and hardware limitations.

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