Industrial Revival Conservatory

Industrial Revival Conservatory
Industrial Revival Conservatory | Exterior

Conservatories are an ancient architectural form, with usage dating back to the Roman Empire. Conservatories were originally used to house tropical plants. Modern conservatories were developed during the Industrial Revolution. As explorers charted new territories, naturalists returned with exotic plants and seeds that were unable to withstand European winters; leading to the development of orangeries and hot houses. Conservatories eventually began to serve multiple purposes. People could entertain, hold exhibitions, and grow plants in a conservatory.

Historically, conservatories were built with steel, which rusts and corrodes. Solar Innovations, Inc. has recently developed a line of conservatories suited for use in industrial and urban applications. For industrial revival structures, decorative trusses are designed out of aluminum, to accent the desired architecture. Rusting, warping, rotting, and continual finish maintenance are eliminated when utilizing an aluminum greenhouse; making aluminum the material of choice for conservatories, pool enclosures, or greenhouses.
Decorative Elements

Historic wood conservatory features can be replicated in aluminum structures and modern conservatories. Columns can be cast and custom aluminum webbing, trusses, and caps can be incorporated into the conservatory designs thanks to aluminum’s malleability. The use of aluminum allows the manufacturing of custom extrusions. Solar Innovations, Inc. also has the ability to integrate smaller I-beams and tubular fixtures in conjunction with trusses to enhance aesthetics. A complete line of conservatory accessories are compatible and can be added to compliment any Industrial Revival Conservatory. Each conservatory manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. is custom built to exact specifications; anything can be designed, in any size. The Solar team will design a structure to meet any dimensions, requirements, or requests.

An aluminum conservatory is also environmentally friendly, as it is a naturally occurring metal, in large supply, and has an environmentally safe refining process. Aluminum’s durability and strength allows for larger spans and greater customization, than that of a traditional structure. Industrial Revival Conservatories are particularly beneficial to plant enthusiasts and as pool enclosures; they also make unique additions to rooftops, balconies, reclaimed lots, and store fronts. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s framework is constructed with a thermal break; making it energy efficient and minimizing heating and cooling costs. The glass used within the framework can be a LoE option or triple pane, creating a long lasting, serviceable structure and considerably reducing the need for constructing and repair work.

The conservatory can be custom built with a truss system to allow a flat roof. This is ideal for creating an environmentally friendly roof. Green roofs aid in the prevention of “the heat island effect.” The roof will reduce storm water runoff, a desirable trait in urban locations. In different growing situations, a green roof can improve growing light in weight plants, such as sedums. Vegetable gardens can be created for the consumption of organically grown foods. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s engineers can design the roof to support heavier loads, such as raised beds and trees.

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