English Conservatories, Sunrooms, and Greenhouses

Timeless English Styled Structures with American Innovation

Interior of English greenhouse

An English conservatory, sunroom, or greenhouse is a timeless structure that will give a classic look to any property. The English are credited with creating the first modern greenhouses. A stylistic English structure consists of a wooden frame, single pane glass, moldings, decorative detailing, and manual accessories. This set up works in England but is not well suited for American climates.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers glass structures with English styling and American engineering. Framework is constructed with durable aluminum. Unlike wood, thermally enhanced aluminum does not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. Each conservatory is custom built to our clients’ specifications; no two models are the same. Glass structures can be built as small as a garden window, as large as an estate greenhouse, or any size in-between. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers five standard frame colors in a painted finish, along with two anodized options. Custom colors can be created for an addition price. A classic English style often utilizes two colors. Solar’s in-house finishing allows for the exterior, interior, and window frames of a structure to be different colors. Cladding options are available on all English greenhouses, which include copper, bronze, and Stainless Steel.

Interior English Greenhouse

Single pane glass is not energy efficient and not recommended for American climates. Instead, double pane, insulated glass is used in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s English greenhouses. The insulated glass is energy efficient, keeping heat in during winter and retaining cool temperatures in summer. Extreme temperatures do not reach the plants, as there is an argon gas filled space between window panes. LowE glass is often utilized on English conservatories. This type of glass is often used in residential homes to control UV penetration. It works to limit the amount of direct sunlight entering the space. Orchids and low light plants greatly benefit from LowE glass

The charm of an English styled conservatory is it’s decorative nature. Crown molding lines the eave, while ogee and bull nose  trim the base of the structure. Grid work is utilized in the windows and available in several different styles. Pilasters are found on the corners of the conservatory and are often designed into the greenhouse’s interior. Classic elements of an English structure  are the finial and ridge cresting at the ridge line. Palladian designs can be incorporated into the gable ortion of the conservatory and the compliment decorative gutters.

Historic English conservatories had manual ridge vents; Solar Innovations, Inc. offers automated ridge vents, which open based on the temperature.

English GreenhousesWinter English GreenhouseLean-to Engligh Greenhouse

English Conservatory Design

Classically designed English conservatories are the epitome of style and tradition. Wood conservatories are common in England but require finish maintenance and can suffer termite damage, depending on the location.

Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers a full line of decorative accessories to enhance the structure’s classic design.  Cast aluminum profiled raters, wood grids, raised base panels, Palladian arches, finials, and ridge cresting mimic wood detailing.

Interior Design

English conservatories feature strong architectural styling and light interior design. The conservatories showcase layered, muted fabrics in a variety of pastel colors.

Floral patterns and small print fabric are commonly combined with wicker or rattan furniture to add airiness to the conservatory. Pinoleum blinds, which consist of small strips of wood, are often used on the roof and walls to help reduce glares and heat gain.

English Conservatory Design
English Conservatory Greenhouse Design

To discuss an English Conservatory project, please contact Solar Innovations, Inc. today to speak with one of our conservatory design experts at 800-618-0669 or skylight@solarinnovations.com.

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