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A conservatory is not limited to all glass and aluminum framework; conservatories commonly use traditional framing for the structure’s walls and roof.  This type of conservatory is called an orangery. The method blends conventional construction with an aluminum framed  skylight, doors, and windows, which work together to create a highly functional living area. The traditional construction can consist of numerous materials, including cement, vinyl siding, stucco, or wood.

It is easy to match trims and grid styles on the standard wood construction using Solar Innovations, Inc.’s aluminum system.  The interior of the room may feature crown molding at the ceiling line, which is available in aluminum, along with other decorative trims and moldings.  Glass and aluminum units may be designed as the room’s focal points and be adorned with ogee trim on the rafters and window style grids.  Casement, awning, tilt turn, and fixed windows are all easily integrated. The conservatory roof can be utilized as a glass skylight; operable portions may be included for fresh air and ventilation.  A lantern or hip end skylights are two commonly used configurations for an orangery roof.  Ridge cresting and finials can be incorporated into the exterior design, while copper cladding or wood veneer can enhance the interior.

Conservatory Orangery Exterior

Conservatory Orangery Interior

The skylights, windows, and doors will be constructed out of durable aluminum, which will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance. All products produced by Solar Innovations, Inc. are thermally enhanced which improves energy efficiency.  Six standard finish options are available, two stocked anodized choices, and any custom color can be created for an additional charge. Two tone designs are also possible with Solar Innovations, Inc.; this option allows one color to be featured on the conservatory’s interior and a different color to be featured on the exterior.

Conservatory Hybrid Residential OrangeryResidential Conservatoty HybridResidential Orangery

There are unlimited glazing options available.  Laminated glass is always used on glazed roofs to reduce breakage upon impact and keep the glass in place if a break should occur.  The walls and windows will use tempered glass which also has additional strength to reduce the effects of impact.  LowE tinted glass is used in the majority of conservatories.

This glass insulates the room better, providing warmer temperatures in the winter and cooler temperatures in the summer.  The LowE tint also reduces the fading process in fabrics, furnishings, and flooring.  Decorative glass can be utilized in windows and transoms; intricate grid patterns can be applied to create a custom appearance.  Solar Innovations, Inc. offers LowE glass choices that are great for insulation and other ones that reduce glare from the sun.  An electro chromic glass is another option, which tints the glass from light to dark to reduce glares while retaining the outside view.

Rinaldi Conservatory | Aluminum OrangeriesBeck Conservatory | Aluminum Orangeries

Most orangeries function as an extension of living space, an artist’s studio, an office, or a game room. Solar can work with you to retrofit an existing room with traditional framing or assist you in designing a brand new room to match your property’s style.

If you are interested in an orangery, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. Conservatory Design Expert at 1-800-618-0669 or

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