Tilt Slide Doors and Windows


Tilt Slide windows and doors by Solar Innovations, Inc. are an attractive and functional addition to any project. These custom designed and manufactured fenestration options are a hybrid design of a tilt-in, hopper window and a sliding glass window. Applications may range in size from a small window to a large door.

Tilt slide doors are structured similarly to the tilt turn doors; Both options are dual action. The tilt turn door will tilt-in at the top and open like a casement window. Tilt slide doors retain the ability to tilt in at the top of the window, but do not open like a casement. The tilt slide panels slide left or right. The result is a clear opening through which a person can pass.

Tilt slide doors are the perfect application for large openings. There are three standard configurations available; but no standard sizes that you must maintain. Solar Innovations® will fit the doors to your opening. The overall width, height, and width of each panel will be custom manufactured to meet your specific measurements.

The windows and doors are constructed from thermally-broken aluminum frames designed to maintain a thermal barrier, protecting the inside temperature from the outdoor elements. The Aluminum frame will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance.

There are eight standard colors available along with any custom color the job may require. The glazing within the framework can be any option. Polycarbonate and glass can both be utilized. Polycarbonate tends to be less expensive and lighter which helps to reduce shipping costs. This material can help achieve a modern look for the unit as various colors and thicknesses are available. Glass is the traditional choice of windows and is available in countless forms, tints, and thicknesses. Gridwork and base panels can be added to further enhance the look of the doors. Wood veneer is also available to those who prefer the warmth of a wooden door. Numerous species can be selected including mahogany, pine, fir and birch.

Tilt turn doors are very versatile and are often used as security features. When in the tilt in position, the doors is secure. An intruder cannot enter through the ventilation opening. The handle that comes standard with the unit is locking. The ability to slide the door, tilt, and lock it is all controlled by the same lever.

After the unit has been designed, Solar Innovations® can install the door for you. If you have an existing window or door which you are replacing, Solar Innovations® can remove the old one and install the new one. Based on the scope of your project,  there are also “do-it-yourself  installation kits” available for those who wish to purchase factory direct and complete the installation themselves.

Please contact you Solar Innovations, Inc. for tilt slide hardware options.

Possible Configurations

O = Fixed Panel     X = Operable Panel
OXXO:In this configuration the middle two panels will slide behind the fixed panels. One panel slides left and one slides right. All four panels tilt-in at the top.OXO:The second configuration allows the middle panel to slide to the left or right. All three Panels tilt-in at the top.OX:The third configuration consists of two panels where the operable slides behind the fixed. Both panels tilt-in at the top.

Solar Innovations, Inc. intends to test its Tilt Slide product for Impact Certification to reach a design pressure rating of ± 60 psf.

For more information on tilt slide products to to speak with a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales representative, call 800-618-0669 or e-mail skylight@solarinnovations.com.

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