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Older greenhouses, built before the 1940’s typically have a different appeal when compared to models built today; similar to an old home. Old homes have beautiful hardwood floor and crown molding everywhere. These amenities cost a lot to include in a home, which is why less expensive homes without these details are built. An antique greenhouse is no different. The bars are shaped and the ventilation mechanisms have architectural appeal. A person can go online and buy an inexpensive greenhouse kit which may not withstand the first storm. It is a rare find to see an antique greenhouse in good working order, as they time and money to maintain.

Solar Innovations, Inc. appreciates the beauty of a vintage greenhouse and created a modern system to replicate the style of greenhouses from yesteryear. The model has been termed a Restoration Greenhouse System. Modern greenhouse framework is flat, whereas the restoration greenhouse system has shaped glazing bars. This feature gives the restoration greenhouse a truly unique appearance which cannot be found with other manufacturers. An old greenhouse will utilize a wheel to open the ridge vents and eave sashes. Modern greenhouses have electronically automated venting. Solar Innovations® can create the wheel and have the venting operated manually.

An older greenhouse requires a great deal of maintenance. A Solar Innovations, Inc. restoration greenhouse system has the look of an older greenhouse while greatly reducing the amount of maintenance needed. The easiest way to reduce maintenance is to use an aluminum frame. Older greenhouses tended to made out of wood which is part of the reason why few are still in existence. Exposure to rain, humidity, water, and wind accelerates the aging process. The wooden frame will rot, warp, and even be subject to termite damage. If the frame is painted, every few years the entire structure will require a fresh coat. An aluminum greenhouse does not warp, rot, rust, or require constant re-finishing. The bars will withstand exposure to the exterior and interior elements for years without issue. Solar Innovations® offers seven standard colors and any custom color your job may require.

Restoration Greenhouse New York
New York Club Restoration GreenhouseNew York Restoration Greenhouse

Another new technology which reduces maintenance is insulated tempered glass. Older greenhouses tend to have single pane annealed glass. If a tree branch hits the glass it is going to break into many pieces and cover the floor. Tempered glass will crack but usually stays in place. The insulated glass is another way to save money and headaches. Traditional greenhouses used only a single pane of glass in the framework, which does little to help regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse. The glass will be the same temperature as the outside and allows that temperature to penetrate the greenhouse. In the middle of a snowstorm the glass is cold and the cold air comes into the greenhouse. Insulated glass offers an air space and a second piece of glass to help regulate the temperature. The temperature is easier to maintain and will reduce heating/cooling costs.

Decorative panels and ridge cresting can be added to the greenhouse to help complete the antique look. Cold frames can be attached to the outside to further enhance the architectural appeal. The options are endless in designing a restoration greenhouse. To discuss a future project please contact a Solar Innovations® representative.

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