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Pivoting doors have become a staple of the architectural glazing market and the smaller window version is quickly gaining popularity.  A pivot window functions just like it’s door counterpart by pivoting left to right on a fixed axis.

Pivot windows are beneficial when space is limited. Window configurations, like a casement open the entire length of the pane to the outside;  for example, a 3’-0” wide casement window, will open outwards 3’-0.”  A  pivot window on the other hand, projects to the exterior and interior of a room, but requires less space in one direction. For example: a 4’-0” wide pivot projects 1’0” back into the room, while the remaining 3’-0” projects outward.  The pivot function allows a larger opening and minimizes outside obstructions.  This configuration can be particularly useful when neighboring buildings are located in close proximity or when local codes limit how far a window or door can project from the building.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s pivot windows are constructed from thermally enhanced aluminum; the framework will not rot, warp, or require constant finish maintenance.  Each pivot window is custom designed to meet the end user’s specifications.  Six standard paint finishes, two anodized selections, and custom colors are available  in either liquid or powder coat finishes.

Virtually any glass option can be incorporated into a pivot window.  Solar Innovations, Inc. offers insulated glazing units, in either clear or a LowE tinted glass. Window glass is generally tempered and sealed with a stainless steel spacer. Decorative glass options are also available for use in pivot windows: these options include spandrel, satin, acid etch, or colored tints like bronze or gray. For more information on Solar’s applied grids and SDL options: click here.

Pivot windows can be installed in or out of system, meaning a pivot window can easily be included one of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s glazed structures such as a conservatory or curtain wall. Stand alone pivoting window units can also be installed in either commercial or residential conventional construction and are the perfect solution to provide wide openings when space is limited.

Solar Innovations recommends pivot locations be a minimum of 12” from either jamb. Pivot locations for doors wider than 60” must be located further from the jamb at a location approximately 20% or greater than the width of the door panel.

All pivot windows manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. are made in Pine Grove, PA , USA. If you would like to discuss an upcoming pivot window project with a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales representative, please call 800-618-0669 or e-mail skylight@solarinnovations.com.

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