Modular Terrace and French Doors

Modular Terrace Door

SI2250 Modular Terrace Doors

Curtain walls and terrace doors are often combined for use in residential and commercial applications. In many instances the framing is not the same, which results in varying site lines. When combining separate configurations, the manufacture often adds additional bars and framing; these additions sometimes result in an ill proportioned final product.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers thermally-broken aluminum terrace or French doors for use in commercial and residential applications. Side hinged, in-swing and out-swing, single or French door configurations are available with durable construction features such as integrated corners and multi-point terrace door hardware.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a mulled terrace door, as a solution. This design allows terrace doors to be integrated into curtain walls, without additional framing; maintaining consistent site lines. The framing of the curtain wall and terrace doors contain the same profiles and dimensions. The modular terrace door is capable of creating single terrace doors and French doors. Multiple doors can be incorporated into a curtain wall structure; modular doors can function with one fixed and one operable panel. If the need arises, two operable units can be designed to function in the same frame. System limitations include a 12’0” height, but any length and width can be achieved.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s mulled terrace door is manufactured out of thermally-broken aluminum. Because the door is constructed of aluminum, it will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers five standard paint finishes, along with two anodized options. Custom colors are also available at an additional cost. Copper and stainless steel cladding are often incorporated into mulled terrace doors. All glass used on a job is standard insulated, double pane, tempered glass with a stainless steel spacer. Lo-E glass options are available, along with decorative glass, such as tinted, etched, and sandblasted.

This door is capable of being utilized in both residential and commercial applications. The door’s function will determine the hardware used. Residential applications will use residential styled handles; several handle options are available, in numerous finishes. Commercial jobs utilize a separate set of hardware. 2, 3, and 5 point locks are options, depending on size and design requirements. Commercial hardware, such as push/pull units and panic bars can be implemented into the system. Limiters and “hold-open” closer are commercial door options and can be used in residential applications as well.

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