Lift Slide Doors and Windows

SI7256 – European Lift Slide System

Lift Slide doors provide an alternative to traditional patio doors. These units are controlled with a simple turn of the wrist and push or pull. Turning the handle allows the unit to move, by lifting the door and removing the pressure on the gaskets for easy mobility. Simply rotating the handle down reseals the door and provides security and thermal performance.

Solar Innovations, Inc. now offers two lift slide doors, also available in window sizes. Each lift slide door is constructed out of thermally isolated aluminum frames which will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance.

Lift slide doors are a variation of a traditional sliding door; the basic design remains the same, with panels that slide on a track. Pocketing doors are available options with lift slide doors on one side or both left and right sides.

Both doors are offered in four standard colors: White, Bronze, Clear Anodized, and Dark Bronze Anodized; additional custom colors are available. Glazing units can range from 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch infills using virtually any type of glass. Monolithic options are possible but will require special engineering. The following are differences in a lift slide system as compared to a traditional multi-track sliding door.

  1. Much less effort is required to slide the panels. Each door glides smoothly over the track with less physical strength required.
  2. The thermal performance when compared to a traditional door is extreme. Every panel is thermally insulated and uses a minimum of a 20mm strut.
  3. The handle operates the lift slide technology. When you turn the handle gaskets are lifted and then the panel is lifted which allows the panel to smoothly slide left or right. After the panels are in place, you turn the handle again and the doors lock into their new location, creating an incredibly tight seal.

Solar Innovations, Inc.  offers the Lift Slide in two different series: Xtreme Thermal Performance (XTP) and Lift Slide Modular Series.

Acoustically Tested

ProductSeries#Test ReportGlazing ThicknessGlazing MakeupSTCOITC
Lift and Slide Operable DoorSI7256B3272.01-113-111 5/16″5/16″
Air Space5/16″

Comparison Chart



Panel Weights


Custom configurations
Unlimited number of panels
Pockets are available
Available to glaze other units to framework
ex: windows, transom…
50 sq ft440 lbs each

Solar Innovations, Inc. uses a prima handle, available in stainless steel, brass, white, and black finishes; available with an oval (various sizes) or round base. Each handle is coated with a protective film which makes the handle highly resistant to corrosion. A keyed exterior cylinder with interior thumb turn lock or an independent interior thumb turn lock are available.

Lift slide doors can accommodate large panel sizes. All sizes are custom which means there is no standard size you much use. The typical range of a door panel is around fifty square feet. This means that a door can be 5’0″ wide by 10’0″ tall. Taller doors are possible if the width of the panel is reduces, as long as the weight stays under 440 pounds.

Both arrangements far exceed industry standard lift slides, which typically have minimal air and water performance.

Performance Chart




12-15 PSF (Depending on Configuration).32


9 PSFCurrently in testing

Several screening options are available for the lift slide door systems.

  1. Traditional multi-track screen system.
  2. Folding screen system.
  3. Retractable (horizontal or vertical) screen system with the option to be motorized

Complementary quotes for glazed and polycarbonate glazed structures are available through our website or by contacting a Solar Innovations, Inc. Design Technician at 800-618-0669.

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