Dutch Doors

 Dutch Doors (SI2253 & SI2254)

Also known as: Split Doors, Half Doors, Barn Style Doors, and Stable Doors

Double Dutch Door WolfeSingle Dutch Door Wolfe

With roots dating back to the 1600’s in the Netherlands, Dutch doors have been designed for function. The doors are particularly well designed for locations which require the ability to block entering and exiting of a room. Childcare centers, barn locations, or animal hospitals are excellent locations for such a door.

The door’s original purpose was to keep farm animals from wandering into farm homes, while maintaining air flow. The two panel doors open independently, allowing the top half of the door to be open while the bottom remains closed. This allowed home owners to go about their house work without intrusion. Dutch doors are now used in residential homes and commercial businesses for both interior and exterior applications. Dutch doors are sometimes referred to as: split doors, half doors, barn style doors, and stable doors.

Dutch Door Folding Glass WallsChicken Coop Dutch DoorDutch Door in Chicken Coop
 Above: A Dutch Door by Solar Innovations, Inc. integrated into this chicken coop.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Dutch Doors consist of two panels stacked atop one another with aluminum framework and insulated glass; low-E, textured, and decorative glass are also available options which can enhance the appearance of the door. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers seven standard frame finishes; custom colors, wood veneering, and metal cladding are also available, at an additional cost.

Low-e, textured, and decorative glass are also available options, which can enhance the appearance of the door. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers seven standard frame finishes; custom colors are also available, at an additional cost.

Dutch Doors with top half ajarDutch Doors Top half Open
Dutch Door working display from the 2013 International Builders Show.
Dutch Door Single BayGlass Dutch Door | Double DoorAluminum Glass Door | Solid Panel

Each panel can operate separately or in unison. Dutch doors allow home owners to enjoy ventilation without the entire door being left open. Pets and children can be contained, while enjoying the benefit of sunlight and fresh air throughout the home. Dutch doors are often incorporated into child care facilities and residential kitchens. Single terrace doors and double Dutch doors are custom designed to fit any opening, application and design requirement.

Both in-swing and out-swing options are available in terrace and French door styles. Multipoint locking hardware, corrosion resistant hinges, and a durable frame make up the balance of this unique door configuration.

Dutch DoorDutch Door Two ToneTwo Tone Dutch Door
Two tone Dutch Doors in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s showroom.

Dutch Doors and Their Style Options

There are numerous panel style options available. The three available styles are:

1. All Glass
2. Glass and Base Panel
3. Base Panel

An all glass Dutch door consists of a glass infill in both panels which allows for maximum light exposure. A glass and panel configuration includes a glass upper panel and a solid, impact resistant, decorative lower panel. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers historically accurate Dutch Doors, with solid infills for both the top and bottom panels. Grids on solid panels or SDLs in glass panels can further enhance the doors appearance.

To discuss an upcoming Dutch Door (split doors, half doors, barn style doors, stable doors) project, feel free to call Solar Innovations, Inc. (800- 618-0669) and ask to speak with a sales representative or conservatory designer.

Double Glass Dutch DoorDutch Door ApplicationsDouble Aluminum Dutch DoorAll Glass Dutch Door
Aluminum Dutch DoorsSolar Innovations, Inc. Dutch Doors
Dutch Door working display from the 2013 International Builders Show.

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