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Commercial pool and spa enclosures by Solar Innovations, Inc. provide a year round swimming atmosphere for nearly any location. The corrosion resistant, thermally enhanced materials used in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s pool and spa enclosures are made to withstand the high moisture and extreme weather conditions associated with outdoor pools and spas. All framework is constructed of durable aluminum which will not rot, warp, rust, or require finishing maintenance for years to come.

An advanced condensation system is available, which will reduce the moisture within these structures and create a more comfortable environment. A Solar Innovations, Inc. pool and spa enclosure can also be equipped with greenhouse accessories and specific glazing to create a more versatile space. The combination of our talented design team and our superior structures makes Solar Innovations, Inc. the glass and polycarbonate pool and spa enclosure manufacturer of choice.

Commercial pool and spa enclosures by Solar Innovations, Inc. have been manufactured for hotels, apartment complexes, and universities worldwide. Solar Innovations, Inc. outdoor pool enclosures are available in polycarbonate or glass. Polycarbonate tends to be less expensive and lighter than glass, which helps reduce shipping costs. There are several different color options available, including blue, green, bronze, clear, and opal. Thicknesses comparable from single pane to triple pane glass are available: 8mm, 25mm, and 60mm.

Glass is the traditional glazing option of choice for pool enclosures. By using glass in a structure, a clear, unobstructed view of the surrounding environment is created. Glass typically has a longer life span than polycarbonate and will require less maintenance over the years. There are unlimited varieties of glazing tints, thicknesses, and types. One of the most practical options for pool enclosure glass is LowE glazing. This type of glass minimizes the amount of UV rays which enter the structure. Preventing the rays from entering the enclosure helps maintain a steady, comfortable temperature in both the water and the air.

Commercial Pool Enclosure and Spa
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In order for a pool enclosure to be used year round, the environment needs to be controlled. Heating and cooling units are available through Solar Innovations, Inc., which will allow you and your customers to enjoy the pool or spa year round. Ridge vents, eave vents, and retractable roofs are other options Solar Innovations, Inc. can supply to help circulate air and control heat build-up within the structure. Doors and windows can also be utilized within the structure. Folding and sliding doors can be added into a wall and, when open, allow for an unobstructed view and air flow.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers the most complete line of decorative elements in the industry to personalize your Solar Innovations, Inc. pool and spa enclosure. Adding grids to your window panes is the most common way to add appeal to your pool enclosure. There are numerous profiles and patterns available. Another popular decorative option is the addition of base panels. Replacing a stone or brick knee wall with base panels helps eliminate extra dirt and debris in your enclosure. Other decorative options include moldings, gutters, ridge cresting, and finials.

If you already have a pool enclosure in need of repair, Solar Innovations, Inc. can typically repair any existing damage. Another option available is “do-it-yourself” pool enclosure kits. This option allows you to buy the enclosure factory direct and complete the installation yourself. If you do not want to install the structure yourself, Solar InnovationsĀ® offers installation services and a nationwide dealer network. Solar Innovations, Inc. has the commercial pool and spa enclosure expertise and is available to assist you in planning the layout, heating, cooling, humidification, and with any other potential challenge that may arise; which clearly sets us apart from our competition. We will work as a design partner with you, your contractor, architect, HVAC technician, and/or pool specialist to create the perfect environment you desire.

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