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Car Dealership Folding Glass Doors

A commercial building is the perfect place for a folding glass wall by Solar Innovations, Inc. Folding Glass Walls, Folding Glass Doors, or bifold doors can be used in conjunction with any commercial application. Below are a few examples:

» Open a restaurant to patio seating or pass food through folding glass windows from kitchen.

» Create a glass partition or operable partition between car showrooms. Open folding glass walls can easily allow cars to pass between sections or back onto the lot. A flush sill allows for unobstructed passage of the vehicle.

» An all aluminum frame makes the folding glass doors suitable for hospital or retirement home facilities.  One of several ADA compliant sill options can be utilized to meet code requirements in such instances.

Folding glass walls are accordion style doors which fold left, right, or are split at a point away from the jambs to create a unique opening glass wall, as in a bi-fold door application. These doors can be used for residential and commercial applications, interior and exterior spaces, and meet high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) requirements.

Princeton Resort Folding Glass Walls
Mt Princeton Resort Folding Glass Doors
Folding Glass Walls provide warmth

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s folding glass wall frames are constructed entirely of aluminum, and can be veneered with various wood species to create an attractive wood clad option. Two types of frames are available: thermal and non-thermal.

A thermal frame is insulated and is appropriate for exterior locations where the door will be in contact with outdoor elements. Non-thermal folding glass wall frames are not insulated and should be used for interior locations or where there is no exposure to the elements or in three season applications, such as the Caribbean.

Thermal frames are available in three stile widths: narrow, standard, and wide, allowing for flexible sight lines and bottom rails. The panel framing can be wider to accommodate structural requirements and the inside stiles used as grids can be non thermal 25″ narrow rail stile. Stiles can be mixed and matched then integrated on a single door to create a truly unique, customized product.

All folding glass wall sizes, configurations, and panel counts are completely custome. There are no two identical folding glass wall units constructed by Solar Innovations, Inc. This means your doors can be constructed to match any opening and may contain any number of panels; units can even be retrofitted to match an existing opening.

The same frame used for the folding glass walls can be used to create integrated transoms (and headers if needed), side lights, and independent swing doors. That way, the sight lines along the building’s facade will have a consistent appearance.

The glazing inside the folding glass wall’s framing can be customized as well. LowE tints are available, as are sandblasting, acid etching, fluted glass, grid-work, restoration glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic choices. If there is a glazing available in the industry which meets code, Solar Innovations, Inc. can typically use it in your commercial folding glass walls.

The hardware used on commercial folding glass walls is of highest quality. Double door and single door panic hardware options are offered on all operable doors.

Another option available on commercial folding glass walls are removable/adjustable closer.  Stainless steel, corrosion proof, two point locks are easy to operate on the doors, are aesthetically appealing, and offer great security. ADA sills are available on most commercial folding glass wall models as well as high performance sills for high wind and water applications.

Exterior Seven Monks Folding Glass Walls7 Monks Monks Brewery Folding Glass Walls

Specialty Folding Glass Wall Configurations

Exterior of Folding Glass Walls at Trails End Cafe at Bear Creek Ski ResortJack Astors Folding Glass Walls

Narrow and Heavy Folding Glass Wall Rails and MullionsSeveral folding glass walls have been tested for Florida Hurricane Impact ratings. The largest aluminum doors in the industry, 3’0” x 10’0” and 3’6” x 9’6” have successfully passed High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing. There are also available options for Miami-Dade and Florida Product Approval non-impact doors.

If you have purchased commercial folding glass walls in the past from one of our competitors, the Solar Innovations, Inc. team can easily aid in adjustment or repair of the unit (view our “Services Section” to learn more). The same team can install  new doors, or you can purchase, based on the scope of your project, “do-it-yourself  installation kits,” where only the product is purchased from our factory and the installation is completed by the purchaser.

Commercial folding glass walls are not the only doors manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc.; stacking, sliding, pivoting, and lift slide doors are all available options. Stacking glass walls allows for panels to move to a remote location. Sliding and lift sliding doors require less floor space than a folding door, and pivot doors are ideal for large single openings. If there is an opening in a commercial setting, Solar Innovations, Inc. has the commercial folding glass walls to help you accomplish your goals.

Solar Innovations Stadium Doors

Planet Adirondack Folding Glass WallInterior View of Commercial Folding Glass Walls
Wizards Stadium Folding Glass WallsWizards Stadium Folding Glass Walls

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