Clear Glass Walls

Unparalleled Sight lines, Incomparable Flexibility

UW Husky Stadium Luxury Suites Wall
UW Husky Stadium Luxury Suites WallUW Husky Stadium Luxury Suites Wall


Clear Glass Walls

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s stacking Clear Glass Wall System can be utilized for interior applications and light exterior applications. This non-thermal system is coveted for its virtually unobstructed site lines and clean architectural appearance.

Clear Glass Walls are ideal for customers desiring a temporary wall with the longevity typical of a Solar Innovations, Inc. product. The unique attribute of being able to fully conceal the wall prevents space from being lost in the room and makes Solar Innovations, Inc.’s wide open doors ideal for commercial or residential applications.

Solar Innovations, Inc. stacking clear glass walls are available in two different configurations of Standard Stacking Walls and Clear Glass Walls.

The Clear Glass Wall System can be utilized to section off a room or be stacked in a remote location to create a large working space. Although no vertical frames are necessary for the system, two variations are available, which create seals between the panels for increased insulation: mono seal and dual seal. Available in Center Hung, Fully Hinged or Hinged Pairs, and Twin Trolley, Individual Panels, this system can be adapted to meet a variety of architectural needs.Clear Glass Walls are recommended for interior use or as a wind break due to low air and water performance.

Stadium Doors by Solar Innovations

Interior Clear Glass Walls Operable PanelInterior Clear Glass Walls

Solar Innovations, Inc. Offers Three Clear Wall Styles

  • Glass to glass: This framing style has no vertical framing. The edges of the glass are exposed, allowing for sound and air to pass between two panels. Only recommended for interior use.
  • Glass with Gasket: This framing style has a gasket attached to the ends of each piece of glass. When the doors are open the gaskets touch which helps to cut down on acoustics, air, and water transference.
  • Glass with narrow profile aluminum frame: This framing style has a narrow metal frame on verticals of each panel. This design is the best option when dealing with air, water, and acoustics.
Clear Glass Wall BaltimoreClear Glass Walls Baltimore

Additional Information

Non-thermal aluminum framework is used on all three styles. The aluminum will not rust, rot or require constant finish maintenance. The non-thermal frame is suitable for interior applications because there is no need for insulation because the doors are used on the interior of a space. If your job requires a thermally isolated clear wall please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative to discuss options.

All clear walls by Solar Innovations,Inc. are offered in four standard frame finishes: clear anodized, bronze anodized, white, and copper. Any custom color that your job may require is also available. Copper, lead coat bronze, and stainless cladding options can be utilized on the interior and exterior of the unit.The hardware used for Solar Innovations® clear wall units is all of the highest quality. All helical bearings, in the head, are constructed out of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant. The gaskets used on two of the models are available in both black and clear, which allows for more design options and visual cohesiveness.

Security is always a concern with doors. Traditional hardware cannot be utilized on the doors. Instead of locking by way of the lever, these doors lock with a floor lock. Depending on configuration, operable panels can be utilized within the unit and this door can be locked in place.

There are five sill options available for the clear wall.

All clear walls are available to be installed by Solar Innovations®. There are also “do-it-yourself” versions available where you can buy the product factory direct and complete the installation yourself.

Clear Glass Wall Features and Options

  • Standard Maximum Panel – 3′ x 10′
  • Over Sized Units Possible (Depending upon configuration.)
  • Clear Wall, Mono Seal, or Dual Seal Options
  • Center, Top Hung, or Sliding Systems
  • Glazing Infill Options: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, or 5/8″
  • Custom Tinted and Decorative Glazing Available
  • Panel Infills Available
  • Performance is dependent upon sill, jamb, and vertical edge seal choice
  • Transom and fixed sidelite options available
  • Bottom load sliding options available
ADA Compliant Fixed SillADA Compliant Fixed Sill
Dust Proof Floor StrikeDust Proof Floor Strike
Recessed TankRecessed Tank








VCU Clear Glass WallsVCU Clear Glass Walls

 Clear Glass Wall Swing Door Hardware

Clear glass wall swing door hardware is not stocked. 6 – 8 week lead times apply.
 FSB Clear Glass Wall Hardware FSB Clear Glass Wall Hardware - Handle
4220 45-554220 41-51

Finish Options

Stainless Steel Available Finishes• Satin Stainless Steel – 6204
• Mirror Polished - 6205
• Matte - 6206
Aluminum Available Finishes• Natural Aluminum – 0105
• German Silver Color – 0205
• Brass Color - 0305
• Bronze Color – 0405
• Dark Bronze Color – 0704
• AluGrey - 1005
• Custom Powder Coat Available

Clear Glass Wall Handle Options


Clear Glass Wall Locking Options

MS Keyed Lock
MS Lock OptionAvailable Colors:
» Stainless Steel
» Dark Bronze Anodized
Two Point Thumb Turn Lock OptionAvailable Colors:
» Clear Anodized
» Dark Bronze Anodized
» White*
» Bronze**Additional charges apply

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