Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

SI3000 Bifold Door System

Bifold doors operate on a track in pairs. The doors slide along a track and then fold against a wall. These doors are often also referred to as folding glass walls or accordion doors. Bifold doors can be used in both interior or exterior applications. Bifold doors and Folding Glass Walls are very similar; if you would like an indepth look into “what bifold doors are,” click here.

The origin of bifold door systems can be traced back to ancient Pompeii, Italy. These doors provide the same benefits today as they did in Roman times; bringing the outdoors inside. When open, bifold doors provide a large unobstructed opening that can be used to connect outdoor and indoor living spaces, provide ventilation, or provide a large entryway to a space.

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufacturers bifold doors with aluminum frames, which will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. The aluminum is  thermally broken, providing excellent insulation. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s bifold doors are manufactured in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania at our LEED Gold Certified manufacturing facility.

Fold to Fold Bifold doors

Solar Innovations, Inc. uses door hardware that is is of superior quality; stainless steel and aluminum hinges are used on all bifolding doors to ensure a long lifespan, serviceability, and durability. Heavy saltwater frame finishes are also available for applications near the ocean.

Another key feature of a Solar Innovations, Inc. bifold doors is the option to utilize a recessed bumper handle that is not available through other bifold door manufacturers. The recessed bumper is clean, smooth, visually appealing, and gets the  job done.

Bifold doors have two locking options: traditional flush bolts or a two point lock. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s two point lock was designed in-house by our team of certified engineers.  The stainless steel lock provides salt water abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and physical damages to the lock.

Bifold Doors are also known at Folding Glass Walls

Bifold Doors HardwareAll bifold doors feature configurations that are customized to fit the end users specifications. Bifolding doors that are purchased from Solar Innovations, Inc. are manufactured to fit your opening; there are no standard size parameters. Custom configurations are available which are not available from other manufacturers. Center pivot folding door or double door option with swing door using an even on even panel configuration can be achieved.

Commercial BiFold Doors

Bifolding doors are not the only operable door system manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. Stacking glass walls , sliding glass doors, and clear glass walls are also available.Request a Bifold Door quote

To discuss your project and all design options, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative at 800-618-0669 or

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