Circulation Fans

Circulation fans are one of the most important accessories for a greenhouse. The circulation fan has several different functions all which help the plants. The main goal of a circulating fan is to create an even flow of air throughout the greenhouse, but there are many other benefits to the use of a circulation fan.

1. Removes air stratification. When the air within a greenhouse stratifies, it becomes stagnant. The air moves in one direction and does not promote healthy growth for the plants. A circulation fan operates as its name sounds. The fan will circulate the air in the greenhouse.

2. Helps to control air temperature. As the air moves within the greenhouse, the temperature is adjusted. There are no “temperature spots” when the air is moving. The ambient temperature of the air and room will reach the hot and cold corners of the greenhouse, which creates a healthy growing environment.

3. Promotes air quality. This is perhaps the best function of a circulation fan. The air moves with a circulating fan which cuts down on the growth of fungus. Stagnant air allows fungus and disease to grow. Properly moving air is like providing fresh air which cuts down on disease outbreaks within the greenhouse environment.

4. Dries the leaves of the plants which also minimizes disease. Flowers such as orchids cannot have water on their leaves, so a circulation fan is a must in this type of greenhouse. As the air moves, carbon dioxide moves as well, helping to promote new growth on the plants.

Solar Innovations® offers several sizes of circulation fans to provide the correct amount of moderate air flow in your greenhouse. A Solar Innovations® representative can help you to determine the correct size and quantity of fans required for your greenhouse.

Circulation Fans

All of the circulation fans offered by Solar Innovations, inc.  include a manual speed control to adjust the air flow from 20% to 100% of the fan’s output or to turn the fan off completely. The controls are encased in a water-resistant electrical enclosure with approved connectors to withstand the high moisture greenhouse environment. The fans come with a solid mount for attaching. The mount allows the fan to circulate without becoming entangled in chains as a suspended system often does.

For an additional cost, we also offer one of the finest and most reliable automatic single staged thermostats. It has a wide temperature range with a narrow operating differential. The automatic thermostat is enclosed in a code-approved, moisture-resistant housing.

These low maintenance circulation fans will provide the needed air flow within the greenhouse without increasing the overall structure maintenance required of the owner.

Circulation Fans

Attributes of Circulation Fans

  • Baked-on white epoxy fan guard.
  • Moisture-resistant variable speed motor.
  • Fan holes are larger than traditional basket fans and provide double the circulation of traditional models.
  • Heavy-duty statically balanced blades.
  • Low noise levels
  • Rigid motor mount provides for easy installation.
  • The fan’s heavy-duty bearing motors are maintenance-free and highly energy efficient.
8″ VK Circulation fan
12″ PA Circulation fan
20″ PA Circulation fan

Circulation Fan Placement
Most vendors recommend that the set of circulation fans be placed facing one another on opposite ends of the greenhouse.  Also, if a structure is over 60 feet long, it is recommended that circulation fans are installed in the same pattern, but for adequate circulation, the greenhouse should be divided and an additional set of circulation fans should be inserted.

Hooded Fans

Hooded cooling fans are installed near the ridge of a structure. This placement allows the fans to remove the hottest air at the ridge first and then continue to cool the remaining space. The unit is operated by a manual control or thermostat. Hooded fans are available in standard Bronze, White, and Sandstone, and include a wall mounted thermostat. (Typically used in sunroom applications.)
Rough Dimensions
TC1000 High
12 1/2″ X 27 1/2″
2 1/2″
TC1000 Low
12 1/2″ X 27 1/2″
2 1/2″

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