The Planning Process

1. Think About What You Want

Regardless of whether you’re planning a complex, luxurious conservatory or simply adding a small greenhouse, you always have to start by asking “What is the purpose of this structure?” Will it be a living space or a growing space? What basic design are you considering (i.e. lean-to, double pitch, free standing, curved or straight eave, etc.)?

2. Call Us Before Decisions Are Finalized

Bring your dreams and ideas to life! Call and speak with one of our estimators who will talk with you about the design and purpose of your project, as well as explain options for color, glass, and accessories.

3. Estimating/Design

Our sales and estimating team will work with you to turn your ideas into concept drawings. Something as simple as a sliding glass door comes to life the moment it’s presented as a drawing. Customers may have as much or as little input into this process as they choose. Our desire is to match your desires with your desired investment to provide you with the best value for your dollar. We will continue refining the design concepts as necessary to ensure they meet and exceed your expectations.

4. Purchase/Drawings

We will complete fully-engineered, AutoCad drawings, which will be sent to you for evaluation and approval, after you submit your signed proposal along with a deposit.

5. Manufacturing Structure

Solar Innovations® craftsmen will fabricate and pre-assemble your structure or fenestration product after receiving final approval from your agent. All construction is done in our facility in order to minimize costly adjustments and lost time in the field.

6. Packing and Shipping Your Structure

Our dedicated shipping staff will carefully label and package the components of your structure for delivery. Most of our structures are delivered by private carrier or on our own trucks to minimizes damage and lost parts.

7. Installing Your Structure

When it comes time to install your structure, there are three options:

  • An authorized Solar Innovations® installer or dealer in your area will complete the job for an installation fee.
  • One of Solar Innovations® own dealers or installation teams will complete the job for an installation fee, if no installer is nearby.
  • You can arrange for your own installation or install it yourself.

(In some cases, Solar Innovations® or an authorized Solar Innovations® dealer may be able to provide a job supervisor to oversee construction for a predetermined fee.)

8. Warranty and Commitment

The result is a structure superior in design and purpose with written Doors and Windows Warranty or Structure Warranty and our commitment to provide service and support long after the project is complete.

We will be happy to assist you or answer any questions. Please call 800-618-0669 or e-mail us at

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