Miami NOA Memorandum

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Based on the memorandum from the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs, any product listed on the Florida Building Code Online which meets the state requirements for HVHZ is approved for use in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties of Florida. This allows for HVHZ products to be used in those counties even if the product is not listed on the Miami Dade Building Code website.

Identification of approved products is illustrated below based on a Solar Innovations, Inc. product listing from Florida Building Code Online.

Based on the above image you can see that our 12279.1 “All Wall” is a viable solutions in the Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Note: Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide additional testing to those listed, if required.  Solar can also provide simulation results or preliminary results, before actual final testing is completed.

The Following Products are HVHZ Certified

Product Model per FloridaSolar Innovations Series #Product Description
12278.XSI3300 Door SystemVarious Configurations
13407.1SI3000In/Outfold Folding Glass Wall Panel System
12278.1SI33003300 Thermally Broken Aluminum in/Outfold Folding Glass Wall 3 1/2 x 9 1/2 Impact
12278.2SI33003300 Thermally Broken Aluminum In/Outfold Folding Glass Wall 3 1/2 x 9 1/2 Non-Impact
12278.6SI3300SI3350 FGW 3X8 Panel No Insert Infold Impact
12278.7SI3300SI3350 FGW No Insert Outfold Impact
12278.8SI3300SI3350 FGW 3X8 Panel Outfold All Wall Impact
12278.9SI3300SI3350 FGW 3X8 Panel 90 Degree Corner No Post, Infold, Impact
12278.10SI3300SO3350 Infold Steel Reinforced FGW 3X8 Panel Impact
12278.11SI3300SI3350 Outfold Steel Reinforced FGW 3X8 Panel Impact
12278.12SI3300SI3350 Infold Aluminum Reinforced FGW 3X8 Panel Impact
12278.13SI3300SI3350 Outfold Aluminum Reinforced FGW 3X8 Panel Impact

Click Here for Florida Approved Products Testing Chart.

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