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Accoustically Tested Sliding Glass DoorWhen discussing Acoustical Testing the most important factor to remember is that the acoustical values are specific to your glazing selection. The two major components of Acoustical Testing are the STC (Sound Transmission Class) and OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class).

Glazed products can be used to reduce unwanted noise in residential and commercial settings. The importance of acoustic performance has become increasingly important due construction near high traffic and industrial areas. The acoustical performance of windows and doors is not only influenced by the glazing, but construction of the framing unit as well.

STC or Sound Transmission Class – Is the rating of how well a glazing unit can gradually reduce air born sound. STC is widely used as a rating system for interior partitions (such as curtain walls), doors, windows and exterior wall units. An STC rating can roughly reflect the reduction of decibels in noise that the unit can provide. STC focuses primarily on the reduction of sound-waves, which can be helpful for use in Schools, Hospitals, and building adjacent to manufacturing facilities.

OITC or Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class – Is the rating used to indicate the rate that sound transmits between outdoor and indoor spaces. While STC is based on a noise spectrum, OITC uses a source noise spectrum and considers environmental frequencies such as aircraft, rail, and automotive traffic. OITC puts more emphasis on lower frequencies. Often times focus on OITC can be lost.

Accoustically Tested - How Acoustical Testing Works

Note: Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide additional testing to those listed, if required.  Solar can also provide simulation results or preliminary results, before actual final testing is completed.

Acoustically Tested Product Chart

ProductSeries #Test ReportGlazing ThicknessGlazing MakeupSTCOITC
Lift and Slide Operable DoorSI7256B3272.01-113-111 5/16″5/16″ Laminated11/16″ Air Space

5/16″ Laminated

G3 Sliding Glass DoorSI8600C2184.01-113-111 3/8″1/4″ Laminated3/4″ Air Space

3/8″ Laminated


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Accoustically Tested Doors and Windows

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