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Leed Gold CertifiedBenefits of a LEED  Manufacturer

LEED does not specifically recommend the use of any particular manufacturer to maintain a neutral standpoint in the green industry and to allow new and innovative manufacturers to enter into the market. Solar Innovations, Inc. takes green solutions seriously and prides itself in providing solutions to assist customers in achieving or maintaining a LEED certification. Solar Innovations, Inc. is generally able to provide LEED points on the following basis:

Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 1 & Point 2.1:

  • » Conduct level I and level II ASHRAE energy audits
  • » Credits available: Required point and 1 point
  • » Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide your company with energy auditing services that meet LEED’s ASHRAE level I and level II audits. Credits are available when Solar Innovations, Inc. is within 500 miles of the job location. Solar Innovations, Inc. is located in Pine Grove, PA. To learn more visit our energy audits page.


Materials and Resources Credits 4.1 & 4.2:

LEED | Blower Door

  • » 10%-20% Recycled content
  • » Credits available: 1 point per category
  • » We work with suppliers who provide products with 20-25% recycled content standard on glass.
  • » Our aluminum has at least 35% recycled content.
  • » Solar Innovations, Inc. contributes beyond the requirements by maintaining the recycling stream in-house and reclaiming all of our aluminum waste generated in the manufacturing process.


Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 4.1:

  • » Low-Emitting materials
  • » Credits available: 1 point
  • » Solar Innovations, Inc. only uses products that are significantly below V.O.C. requirements


Solar Innovations Green ComponentsMaterials and Resources Credits 5.1 & 5.2:

  • » Regional Materials: 10%-20% processed and manufactured regionally
  • » Credits available: 1-2 points
  • » Credits are available when Solar Innovations, Inc. is within 500 miles of the job location.


Indoor Environmental Quality Credits 8.1:

  • » Daylight and views: daylight in over 75% of spaces
  • » Credits available: 1 point per category
  • » You are decreasing requirements for artificial lighting and helping to manage heating and cooling costs by taking advantage of natural sunlight. Another effect is improved personal health and attitude.


Pool EnclosuresEnergy Star Rating


LEED Gold Certification:

  • » On February 23, 2011, Solar Innovations, Inc. was granted official LEED Gold Certification by the USGBC for its new, state-of-the-art, 200,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Pine Grove Industrial Park, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. After months of hard work and dedication, the Solar Innovations LEED team was granted 62 points towards the LEED-EB:OM v2009 Certification allowing it to receive the gold status.

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