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Green ComponentsSolar Innovations, Inc.  is a green company dedicated to making environmentally sound choices.  Solar recognizes manufacturers can be a major contributor to environmental degradation. One of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s core values is to prevent harm to the environment, and in an effort to further this cause, our building has achieved a national LEED certification. A company has to adhere to a stringent list of requirements in regards to the impact the facility has on the environment in order to become LEED certified.  Solar Innovations, Inc.  is 98% landfill free, has offset 85% of our energy with PV panels, uses Green Seal certified cleaning products, has strict air quality controls, and takes numerous additional steps to provide one of the most environmentally conscious manufacturing environments possible.

Aluminum Doors» Solar Innovations, Inc. strives to manufacture products that contain green properties, which do not cause harm to the environment. Solar uses stainless steel spacers in all insulated glass units, regardless of product type. Greenhouses, skylights, doors, and windows all feature stainless steel spacers which offer outstanding thermal performance and the longevity of a 20 year seal warranty. Although the warranty on a stainless steel spacer is 20 years, the actual lifespan is projected to be as long as 40 years.» Gaskets are used in the majority of products manufactured by Solar Innovations, Inc. This common component is made out of either a high grade EPDM or silicone material which is recyclable and long lasting. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s gaskets have a lifespan of 15 to 40 years (depending on application and exposure).

» Solar Innovations, Inc. uses a Momentive silicone to seal our structures. The silicone has a longer lifespan than most silicones on the market and produces a strong seal when adhered to both glass and aluminum. This type of silicone, which has low VOC content, is especially useful in harsh environments, such as a coastline. The Momentive silicone has a 15 to 30 year lifespan (depending on application and exposure). Solar’s products also feature an integrated positive weep system to control a majority of water infiltration in the rare occasion the sealants should fail.

» Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a vast array of frame finish options. Large selections of powder coat colors are available, and our powder coat finishes have 0 VOC content. Customer can choose from a powder coat or liquid finish. Liquid finishes run in small batches to limit the amount of waste generated from large batches. The liquid option is typically selected when a color is not available as a standard powder coat offering.

» All of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products feature aluminum as their primary framework material. Due to aluminum’s long lifespan, it is an extremely green raw material and it does not rot, warp, corrode, or rust like many other comparable materials. Aluminum is highly durable when exposed to the elements and can be recycled if the framing no longer has a use on the property.

» Solar Innovations, Inc. is registered for installation in 23 states and completes a significant amount of installation work across the country. Solar makes every attempt possible to deliver all materials on the same truck and to remain at a job site until all work is complete, cutting down on fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions. The structure is recycled if Solar is completing a demolition of an existing product. Green processes are also used for waste generated at a job site; instead of being tossed in a landfill. Waste it is brought back to our manufacturing facility for recycling.

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