Victorian Conservatory Line

Solar Innovations, Inc. Announces the Expansion of the Victorian Conservatory Line

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial conservatories, greenhouses, skylights, sunrooms, folding and sliding glass doors, walls, windows, and screens, announces the expansion of the Victorian Conservatory line.

Myerstown, PA April 16, 2008 — Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial conservatories, greenhouses, skylights, sunrooms, folding and sliding glass doors, walls, windows, and screens, announces the expansion of the Victorian Conservatory line.

Designed in an exuberant, ornate architectural style, Victorian conservatories by Solar Innovations, Inc. can be used to enhance the vision and value of any property. Solar has released additional decorative elements to enhance any conservatory and increase the Victorian Conservatory options available. These creatively constructed features are an ideal place for relaxing with family and friends or seeking peaceful solitude.

Solar Innovations’ conservatories can now embody the traditional characteristics of architecture in the Victorian Era through careful planning and design. Victorian structures are distinguished by highly decorative accessories, steeply pitched roofs, hipped roofs, gables, roof lanterns, a rectangular shape, and tall, narrow windows. In keeping with the Victorian ornamental style, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several standard and custom manufactured aluminum crestings and finials to adorn the conservatory roof line. These decorative elements are placed on the ridge of the structure and can be mixed and matched to suit each customer’s taste. Beyond the typical adornments, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers decorative gutters and downspouts to create functional, aesthetically appealing elements. Grids are an additional enhancement for Solar Innovations’ Victorian conservatory windows. Traditional grids add to the Victorian feel of the tall, narrow windows; however, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers four alternative exterior grid SDL designs. Transoms and base panels can also be embellished with traditional style grids.

Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers glazing patterns, either in etch, applied lead, applied grids, or v-groove, to be placed primarily in transoms. In addition to glazing embellishments, ornamental selections of decorative appliqués are available for use in ring and collar ties. Aluminum extruded and cast accessories like columns, headers and appliqués can also be incorporated into a conservatory to enhance its features. To further authenticate the Victorian architecture, Solar Innovations, Inc. has added fanlights to its accessories. These lites may be placed under the eaves of the conservatory, separated from the doors and windows by a transom. Solar Innovations’ fanlights are semicircular windows with rods or bars to represent an open fan.

A particularly Victorian feature, roof lanterns are also available from Solar Innovations, Inc. to complement the design of the new structure or to be installed independently. Incorporating a roof lantern into the conservatory can prove to be an appealing feature not only to the conservatory, but to the home as well. Roof lanterns are generally installed above the main roof line to increase their emphasis and create a focal point on the structure.

Victorian conservatories by Solar Innovations are available in all of the standard Solar Innovations, Inc. color options or cladding options can be incorporated: copper, stainless steel, and bronze. Some of the more tradition style conservatories are completed with wood; solid wood interior options include Mahogany and Spanish cedar, while wood laminates are available in Western Red Cedar and Southern Yellow Pine are also available from Solar Innovations, Inc.

For more information on Solar Innovations’ new Victorian conservatory designs please contact the marketing department at or call 800-618-0669.

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