Our Conservatory

July 2013

The Solar Innovations, Inc.’s display conservatory is showcased in this photo. The room serves as a show piece for visiting customers. Inside the room a guest can experience a conservatory by relaxing in the chairs or eating at the table. Employees use the conservatory daily to eat their lunches while others sit in the room over their breaks. The conservatory offers views of the outdoors, without temperature swings and pesky insects. House plants grow year round in the conservatory with the help of heating and cooling.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Conservatory

March 2013

The conservatory at Solar Innovations, Inc. has been re-accessorized for spring.  Gone are the hunter greens, grays and whites of winter.  Now the conservatory is accented with apple green and plum purple.  Each season the conservatory gets a new look to reflect the current season.  The furniture remains in the room, but accessories like pillows, floral arrangements and table cloths change.  These are easy items to store and bring a new interest to the room.

February 2013

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently installed window shading for their conservatory. The unit is showcased at our manufacturing plant as a display unit. Employees sit in the room during breaks and eat lunch. It functions as a sitting room with pub tables and is accessorized with a baker’s rack and palm trees. Previously, the sunlight streaming into the room was very bright and caused harsh glares. Heat build-up in summer can become uncomfortable at peak times.

Shades were added this week in Phifer SheerWeave material, which has a noticed texture. The fabric selected is called Linen/Cranberry and highlights the cranberry cushions on the barstools. The fabric is only 3% open and will block substantial light in summer. During the hottest parts of the day, the shades will be drawn to help keep out sunlight and heat.

February 2013

Conservatories are a wonderful addition to any home.  The rooms are used for entertaining, dining, growing plants or as an office.  The rooms allow for views of nature without having to deal with heat, snow, rain and harsh winds.  You can sit in the conservatory and work, while still experiencing the outdoors.  Our display conservatory is shown here in the middle of a snowstorm.  The conservatory is located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania which receives plenty of snow each year.  While the outdoors are cold and dealing with snow and ice, the interior is a fully heated pleasant environment.  The occupants can sit and enjoy the look of the snow, without the cold temperatures.

November 2012

Solar Innovations recently had flooring installed in the conservatory at our manufacturing facility.  The flooring had just been a concrete slab, but we decided to create a more complete look by adding tile flooring.  We selected a duraceramic tile for its resilience and warmth under foot.

The tiles will not break as easily as a ceramic piece and have a Scotchguard coating to protect against stains and any water droplets from watering the plants.  A neutral color was selected to match the framing.  The chosen color will also blend with the decor, which changes throughout the year.

After the flooring was installed, we added the furniture back into the conservatory, with a new configuration. The result looks like a finished classically styled conservatory filled with texture, color and form.

September 2012

One of the best times to enjoy a conservatory is in the fall.  This is when the temperature outside drops, and so does the temperature inside your conservatory.  Depending on where you live, heating and cooling is often not necessary during the fall.  Sunlight warms the conservatory enough to make it comfortable for occupants.

You can enjoy dinner in the conservatory with friends while watching the leaves change colors. Our Solar Innovations Inc. conservatory is used almost daily by employees who eat lunch.  It is a great escape from the fluorescent lights of the office to come and sit under natural daylight and see nature.

March 2012
Conservatory Spring 2011

Spring 2012

The conservatory has changed decor for spring. The winter months have passed and spring is here to stay. It was a mild winter, and it was time for the conservatory to have a fresh look. All of the furniture was re-arranged. You will see the table and chairs are no longer centered, but rather loveseat style seating is in place. The colors are neutrals, golds and greens for spring. A new shade system was also recently installed. There are now three shades running horizontally along the eave line. The new shades showcase different fabric options for customers. There is an oyster white and a mossy green. Both units are manually operated with a pull. The shade systems cut down on glares and heat gain.

Update: Winter 2011


Pennsylvania recently had a snowstorm. The manufacturing facility had around six inches of snow on the ground. The building, parking lots, and all of the greenhouses were covered in snow. Inside the conservatory, the pictures here show all was well. Solar Innovations engineers every job to withstand local snow loading. The frame and glass will withstand snow loads, as well as wind, rain and ice sitting atop the roof. A heater runs through the coldest days and allows people to continue using the conservatory. Dinners and entertaining can be had inside the conservatory, with gorgeous views of the snow outside while staying warm.

Conservatory Winter

Winter 2011

Each season, Solar Innovations re-decorates the conservatories and office. The winter holidays consist of the grandest decor. Starting Black Friday, our team of four employees spent three days decorating non-stop. The conservatory is the focal point of the office’s holiday decor. The room features an 8’0″ Christmas tree, decorated with classic burgundy, green and gold in matte finishes. There is coordinating burgundy ribbon, a large gold bow and cascading gold ribbon. There are live green wreaths hanging on the windows with velvet bows. The combination of the wreaths and trees create the pine smell that occupants love at the holidays. Each seating groups have holiday centerpieces and red, green or yellow accent cushions. A fichus tree, which grows in one corner of the conservatory, was brightened with a strand of Christmas lights.The main lobby at our headquarters has plum colored furniture. A Christmas tree was also added here with matching jewel tone ornaments. There are matte, chrome and patterned pieces. Gold and green ornaments adorn the tree, with purple ribbon arranged vertically. The tree topper consists of silk flowers: an orchid, peonies, a general black flower, and gold berries.

The Solar Innovations employees are sponsoring a Salvation Army for the holidays. All gifts that are collected are going to be placed under this Christmas tree. Christmas cacti, an amaryllis, and swags help to achieve a very festive atmosphere in the building’s entrance. The employee cafeteria also has holiday decor. There is a baker’s rack which was moved from the conservatory as the tree took its place. This furniture piece was decorated with a live burgundy plant, African violets, and a metal container with wicker balls. The drawer top has great texture, as seen in the woven vase, ceramic pitcher, and miniature log which were left over from the Christmas tree trunk. There are two large windows in the cafeteria which now have Douglas fir swags, warm tone lights, hurricane vases filled with ornaments, and sporadically placed ornaments adorning the sill. The cafeteria also has a Christmas tree. Since the tree is placed in the cafeteria, a food theme was appropriate. Solar Innovations, Inc. is a green company, and this is the first year a third tree was used. To help cut down on waste and commercial products, dried fruit was used on this tree. A few left over ornaments were used on the tree, but the draw of the tree is the fruit. Oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruit were dried in an oven and dehydrator for almost three days. The fruit is accented by strands of raffia. The topper on the tree is again berries and silk fill. The tree has a very natural, earthy feel to it.
The last part of the holiday decorating was the building’s exterior. This year the team decided to frame portions of the glass structures with holiday lights. Large LED lights were carefully hung from each structure. It took several trips and great patience. Employees had to climb ladders and maneuver about a glass roof to string all the lights. The end product is a very festive, energetic night time display. The lights come on as the first employees leave the building and remain on until around 9 p.m. In the morning, the lights return to on as the first employees enter the building. Overall, the building feels like the holidays. The drop in temperature outside helped to create a jovial mood in the office, and the smell of pine trees furthers the experience.Conservatory Winter



Conservatory Fall 2011

Fall 2011


At the Pine Grove plant, we have a conservatory on the premise. It serves as a show piece for visitors. I like to change the seasonal decor. Everything was green and purple for summer, but I decided to change it to oranges for fall. The picture here shows the new look. The change is very simple. I switch out the table cloth for the pumpkin colored one and added a fall centerpiece. The table settings remain the same for the majority of the year and will be used for the Christmas display. I also tend to change the plants in the conservatory. There was a bright pink oleander blooming, but it did not feel very fallish the pink was too summery for the new decor, so, I replaced the oleander with the purple begonia which has more of a fall feel.



Conservatory Spring 2011

Spring 2011


Now that spring has arrived, it became time to change the conservatory from winter colors to spring shades. This is something that can be done seasonally, or one color scheme can be established with accessories and furnishings that are year round appropriate. I keep the main pieces of furniture the same and simply change the accessories. I started by purchasing a new mint green table cloth for the middle table. All the floral arrangements were changed to spring colors, pinks, and purples. The baker’s rack had burgundy accessories, and I switched them to purple spring items such as vases, plates and watering cans. Lastly, I used green throw cushions on the settes and chairs. I will keep these accessories up through spring and summer. Changing the decor helps to make a conservatory more appealing, and you are more likely to use it when the room looks welcoming.



Conservatory Winter 2010

Winter 2010


Depending on where you live during the winter, you may be trapped inside during a blizzard. Very few people enjoy this experience for a long amount of time. The kids go crazy, you run out of food, the electric goes off, and you long for space. A conservatory or sunroom is an excellent addition to the home in a snowstorm. This space will provide extra space number one and you can turn it into a playroom for the children or use it as a makeshift greenhouse or perhaps a studio. Other times the room is used as a relaxation room where you can read and drink your tea. The beauty is that, when heated, you can use the room virtually year round. This picture shows a wonderful vignette of a conservatory with a sitting area. You can see the snow in the background and how warm and tropical it is inside this space.


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