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Solar Innovations Inc's Corporate Office and Manufacturing Facility

Our History

Solar Innovations, Inc. can trace its history back to the early 1950’s, when Everlite Greenhouses was founded. Everlite was purchased in the 1980’s for its dealer network by an existing sunroom manufacturer in Maryland.

The manufacturer took over the Everlite name and began to distribute replacement parts for the original company, but limited its manufacturing to a new sunroom product and the development of a Mahogany interior/aluminum exterior conservatory. Everlite continued to produce sunrooms through the 1980’s and eventually sold its equipment and designs to several entities which began manufacturing sunrooms.

One of these entities moved its operations to York, PA and proceeded to manufacture wood and aluminum products. Greg Header was hired by the company as a consultant in 1997. The company underwent a re-organization and on April 15, 1998, Solar Innovations, Inc. was formed. At that time Greg Header became the President and Darren Coder was named Vice President.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has succeeded by listening to its customers and delivering a complete line of high performance structures and accessories including doors, windows, ridge vents, and more. Solar now resides in a state-of-the art 300,000 sq. ft. corporate office and manufacturing facility that is part of a three building campus, located on 24 acres in Pine Grove, PA, and employs over 160 team members.

Solar Innovations Inc.'s Traditional Greenhouse

Corporate Campus Located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

Solar Innovations Campus

1. 31 Roberts Road – Solar Innovations, Inc.’s state-of-the-art corporate office and manufacturing facility is located at 31 Roberts Road in Pine Grove, PA. The facility is LEED Gold Certified, 98.5% landfill free, 85% off the grid, and features a 2,200 panel solar panel array on its roof. This building houses Solar’s corporate offices, manufacturing facility, testing lab, and powder coating booths.  All metal fabrication takes place in this building.
2. 23 Roberts Road Solar Innovations, Inc. acquired the 23 Roberts Road property in 2013. Many improvements were made to the building to create a dedicated wood fabrication shop.
3. 43 Roberts Road This building acts as Solar Innovations, Inc.’s installation and service center. Installation crews are dispatched from this building and additional storage space is available.
Visit Our LEED Gold Facility
Solar Innovations, Inc. encourages customers to visit our corporate campus, view our manufacturing area, and meet with the entire team that will be involved in your project. Tours of our LEED Gold Certified corporate office and manufacturing facility (featuring three working greenhouses) are available to groups, schools, colleges, and garden clubs. If you are interested in visiting Solar Innovations, Inc.’s corporate campus located in Pine Grove, PA, please contact us at 800-618-0669 or e-mail skylight@solarinnovations.com.

Vertical Integration

Solar tries to produce as many components as possible, within our manufacturing facility; to provide greater control over lead times. For example, if a customer’s deadline requires a door two weeks earlier, we do not need to wait for hardware. The same principles can be applied to testing. If a Florida Impact test requires changes to our product, we are able to source the parts or create new ones within a short period of time and find a solution.

By producing as much as possible in-house, instead of purchasing parts from outside vendors at a marked up price, Solar Innovations, Inc. is able to better control our prices. Superior technical support can also be offered on our products because it is provided directly from the individual that created or assembled them. If you have a question, we can provide the answer.

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Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Timeline

Solar Innovations Timeline

Solar Innovations, Inc. Product Lines

Solar Innovations, Inc. has continued to expand and introduce new products including the Monster Wall, a Photovoltaic racking system and clamps, and Swinging Stacking doors (a folding glass wall product). The International Window system with Universal adaptor has also been released making nearly any combination of windows and doors a reality.  An impressive growth rate of no less than 25% per year has been constant since Solar’s inception. Solar Innovations, Inc. has maintained its focus to serve its customers to the best of its ability and with its ever strengthening team will continue to lead the way in the design, production and distribution of innovative glazed products for the foreseeable future.

Solar Innovations, Inc. bases all decisions on what is best for Solar Innovations, Inc. the company, employees, and customers. The Solar Innovations, Inc. Team will continue to forge its path into the future by living out this philosophy and continuing to promote a spirit of unity and teamwork.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has grown to over 150 employees with an integrated business philosophy of designing, manufacturing, and, in some cases, installing its products. This philosophy has enabled Solar Innovations, Inc. to continuously improve its products and services.

Awning Windows
Polycarbonate Wall Systems
Pool Enclosures
Car Wash Structures
Retractable Roof Panels
Casement Windows
Roof Lanterns
Clear Walls
Screen Systems
Curtain Walls
Sliding Doors
Sliding Windows
Folding Glass Windows
Stacking Walls 
Spa Enclosures
Garden Windows
Hobby Greenhouses
Terrace & French Doors
Hopper Windows
Tilt Slide
Hung Windows
Tilt Turn
Lift Slide Doors & Windows
Operable Skylights
Wood Curtain Walls
Pivot Doors
Wood Interior (Aluminum Exterior)
Structures & Skylights

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